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Disklavier enthusiasts can purchase (where relevant) versions of most of the music on this site:

Sets used:

Vienna Symphonic Library

EastWest Sounds  &  Spitfire 

Virharmonic (violin, cello & viola solo instruments)

Presonus  &  Hauptwerk


        Norman Young

Bringing scores to life
Created using sample sets as  the first stage before getting your work performed by live musicians

If you are looking for a way to get your compositions played by live musicians, then  one way to to have a realistic  performance created using sample sets which you can send with the scores to agents.

My aim is NOT TO REPLACE live musicians, but to help composers create realistic performances to send to interested parties without the huge costs of using the technology themselves.  There is nothing to match having your compositions performed by live musicians, but my services help you get exposure for your work, and this will increase your chances of  your compositions being performed by real players.

The examples included on this site show you the level of realism that can be achieved, so you can see how I can help you get your music listened to.
There are a few works here performed by real musicians (such as Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis, but in this instance the 40 parts are sung by the same five voices)


If you are interested in using my services, do get in touch.  Creating finished digital performances can require a lot of two way discussions, but the finished product will always be worth the trouble

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