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All performances here are generated by computer using a midi keyboard together with Virharmonic Violin and/or VSL Solo Violin sample sets

Here are videos of some of these works showing the score as the music is played

This is my own interpretation of this wonderful movement from Richard Strauss's Violin Sonata. This performance is entirely created using a keyboard rather than a real violin and piano. Looking forwards to getting the next version of the Bohemian Violin sample set (currently version 3)!

I hadn't heard of Marie Jaell until she was the Composer of the Week on Radio 3. I searched the web for a performance of this lovely violin composition but could not find one, so I decided to have a go myself. This performance was created using software - Virharmonic Bohemiam Violin, VSL Solo Violin and VSL Bluthner 1895 Synchron piano sample sets.

This is the final movement from this Bach's 3rd Violin Sonata BWV 1016.
It was highlighted on Radio 3 as one of the Bach's brilliant sonatas so I thought I'd create my own performance.
Played from a midi keyboard using the fabulous Virharmonic Bohemian Violin sample set and a copy of a 1624 Johannes Rucker Rucker harpsichord made by František Vyhnálek in 2008 and sampled by Sonus Paradisi.

If you like this performance, do leave a comment, and have a listen to my other projects !

Spiegel im Spiegel by Avro Pärt, with images from the Peak District, UK

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