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Lark Ascending Vaughan WilliamsNorman Young
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The Classic FM Concert in 2022 included The Lark Ascending (by Vaughan Williams).


I thought this would be a great work to show off the newest version of the Bohemian Violin created by Virharmonic. This performance was created using virtual instruments and a keyboard. I hope you like it!


Please note that my intention is never to put live musicians out of work - my aim to to try to help composers. If you are a composer and have some compositions you would like realised so you can send them to conductors/orchestral managers to consider performing with live musicians, do get in touch.  You could, of course, always get live musicians to perform your works, record them and then send them to conductors/orchestral managers, but that is usually beyond the means of many composers.

The video accompanying the music comes from Google Earth. Ironic, I know, given Vaughan William's hate for all the housebuilding taking place, destroying the Countryside, but my attempts at using a video of a lark flying never really worked, and I felt that a video of the area used was a little more interesting than a skylark's view of the countryside.

Do listen to and/or watch my other performances.

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