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There currently three types of project :

  1.  New compositions.

  2. Creating a performance of a work not previously recorded or performed for a very long time.

  3. Creating disklavier files for playing on a Yamaha disklavier piano.

(i)    Inspiring Composers - new compositions

I offer a unique service to classical composers.  I must stress that the service I'm offering is not aimed at preventing live musicians (and orchestras) from receiving vital income, but to help composers get their music heard on their web/social media platforms hoping that it will increase the chance of their works being performed by live musicians.  

Combining some of the best sampled orchestral instruments (EastWest, Vienna Symphonic Library, Virharmonic, Spitfire, Native Instruments and Hauptwerk) it is possible to create highly realistic performances of any choral/orchestral works.

I offer a wide range of styles: choral works (with digital choirs singing actual words), ensembles, solo piano, violin, organ (using sample sets from some of the finest organs on the planet), full orchestra etc and can create performances ranging from the Baroque period to the 21st Century. 

Examples of these are being added to this website regularly.  When an improved sample set is available I tend to upgrade, so later creations may well sound even better. 

 For example, there are  compositions by Richard Strauss's Till Eulenspiegel lustige Streiche (Merry Pranks), Saint Saens Organ Symphony (the first one I created), Beethoven , Ravel & Tchaikovsky Piano Concertos, Brahms Clarinet sonatas. 

Using the pull down menu, you have access to all the different types (click 'more' as there are additional folders).

Please note that even though the technology is truly remarkable, there are still technical limits on what can be done (a good thing too as this protects the careers of live musicians).

When you listen to demo files from the software developers, they are careful to only publish compositions that work convincingly (mostly).

Some of the examples I've uploaded show the flaws - particularly for choirs and solo violin - but these performances are still significantly better than anything that could be produced by standard sampling software.  Some could be tweaked further, but I've decided not to. 

Where pieces are already on this site, these can be used to help young performers get used to performing with an orchestral background, and it is relatively simple to create audio files where an individual part has been removed so you can practise with the whole orchestra.

Unlike a recording of a 'real' performance, which by its very nature is a one-off, it is possible to made subtle tempo changes to the digital performance to reflect any later musical wishes of the composer (or performer) and the new version can be created quickly and either uploaded to this site, or sent directly to the client for private use.

Please note that I am unable to work on compositions that are not your own or are not in the public domain unless you have obtained permission from the publisher.

If your composition includes a choral component, then I can add a digital choir singing the text too (in English, Latin, or almost any language - if advice is given on pronunciation). Intermediate performances will be sent to you to listen too, and we can chat over WhatsApp , Skype or through live chat to discuss changes.

I'm happy to send you (free of charge) a sample file of your composition (about 30 seconds or so) of any work you might consider asking me to create digitally for you.  You will then have a sense of whether you would like me to produce the entire composition. 

My charges would normally be small- I really just simply ask for some help to recoup the high cost of the software.

I am also working on concertos with the view of providing budding soloists with an opportunity to practise with a full orchestral accompaniment at home. So far Beethoven's Emperor Piano Concerto (No.5), 1st and 2nd movement, Saint-Saen 3rd Organ Symphony and a Vivaldi double trumpet concerto are available.  These audio files are available with and without the soloist part.

Examples of existing works can be found in separate sections in the menu.


These include solo piano works, choral works (such as Thomas Tallis's 'Spem in Alium' for 40 voices and Handel's 'Zadok the Priest', Allegri Miserere), concertos (Saint Saens, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Ravel), wind ensembles (Mozart) , quartets, string orchestras, organ and piano solos.  There are also some violin & piano works and a section of new works.

Creating performances is exciting and challenging - I want to help composers get their music performed in public.


I look forward to hearing from you. 

(ii)    Performing works not heard for a very long time

Have compositions archived that have not been performed for a long time, or there aren't any performances available to listen to?  I can create a performance of such a work if I am sent the scores/parts. This may be of interest to Museums. Do get in touch.

(iii)    Disklavier files - audio files & track for your real piano to play

On request, I can provide versions of works (where there is a piano part too) suitable for the Yamaha Disklavier
There is a small charge for this.  Files are sent via WeTransfer.

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