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Croydonia - A Musical Tour of CroydonComposed and performed by Norman Young
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The inspiration for this orchestral work came from the amazing place where I live - Croydon - with its beautiful parks, its extraordinary architecture (ranging from the 16th Century, to Brutalist and the 21st Century). The photographs in the video accompanying the performance show some of the places that inspired this work.


If you think Croydon look interesting, do come and visit it. Its skyline changes nearly every day, so some of the images here are now out-of-date!

If you like this music, please share it with your friends and leave a comment on my YouTube Channel - click HERE to go to the playlist.


If you know any orchestras interested in new works, or composers interested in having their work performed by me, please pass on the link. This performance was created using a computer (EastWest's Hollywood Diamond Orchestra). This video is part of a playlist.

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