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This work is for solo violin and chamber strings.

It was dedicated to my local community orchestra - South London Sinfonia.

Ideal for competent strings (at least Grade V for the chamber strings and top end of Grade 6 for the solo) 

Score and parts are available for purchase.

Imagine that you are sitting on a chair looking out to sea at the top of a cliff.
A lone albatross flies towards you.

You hear the waves gently rolling up and down the beach.
The sound of the gentle waves makes you sleepy and you begin to drift thinking about your loved ones as you recall happy and sad times. You sense their spirits rising to the heavens (represented by the violin cadenza).  You fall asleep.
The strings volume rises and falls as your breathing becomes lighter and lighter.
You follow the spirits to the heavens and all is well as you meet your loved ones once again.

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