• Norman Young

Ravel Piano Concerto in G major

Just completed my performance of this extraordinary piano concerto. I don't think this concerto is particularly well known, although the 2nd movement may be more familiar to many. This was a real challenge - apart from getting all the notes in, it took a great deal of 'tweaking' to get it to sound right. I'm not great pianist - I confess that most of the piano solo part was either scanned in or added using a computer mouse. Yes, I played some parts where it was more efficient to do so. If you do listen to it, do please leave a comment.

The inspiration came from watching Martha Argerich perform this work in the 2009 Nobel Prize Concert (available on YouTube). She is an absolute genius and watching/listening to her perform is like being in heaven. I've absolutely no idea how she manages to play so incredibly fast, with such power and technical accuracy and yet can create the most delicate of sound too.

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